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    Samsung kickoff 4th batch of Junior Software Academy

    C.B. Desk: Samsung Bangladesh begins the 4th batch of Junior Software Academy for the underprivileged children of Bangladesh, after successfully ending the journey of the 3rd batch. The program is a part of the CSR project, and the company provides free training to the students at Samsung’s Research and Development (R&D) Institute.

    For the 4th batch, Samsung Bangladesh has collaborated with some renowned NGO’s including EduCo and SoS. With the help of the NGO’s, Samsung is providing training to 30 underprivileged high school students from Grade 6-10 in the Junior Software Academy.

    The principal focus of this program is to provide the students with IT knowledge so that their interest in the technology industry grows further. They will receive hands-on training on a wide range of topics such as Coding, Programming, Microsoft Office, Android Open Source System, including basic education for computers and the internet, and many more. The training will also include a short briefing on the history of Samsung and its products. The program will give opportunities to the students to practice the way they can implement their knowledge to develop software by using the basic coding tools. Certificates will be awarded to the participants upon completion of the program.

    Regarding this, Seungwon Youn, Managing Director, Samsung Bangladesh, said, “I believe that every student has a spark of genius. Every student has an interest, talent, or passion, something at which he or she can excel. Considering this, Samsung is proud to organize Junior Software Academy annually so that the program can help the youth to realize their talent and helps them understand the technology industry better.”

    “Computer coding can empower children to not only consume digital media and technology but to create it. Instead of simply playing a video game or using an app, they can imagine making their own video game or envision what their website or app might look like – and they will have the outlet for the expression”, he added.


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